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van Zonderen OFFSHORE BV, the specialists in hydro blasting and coating.

Using state of the art equipment and professionals, hydro blasting carried out by van Zonderen OFFSHORE
teams are able to deliver recognized standards of surface preparation meeting respective coating specifications.

The huge advantages of hydro blasting compared to grit- or slurry blasting are obvious; lower costs,
no collateral damage whilst blasting, which leads to a lower paint consumption, less cleaning,
shorter time span to carry out the blasting, etc. This comes with 18 years field experience.

van Zonderen OFFSHORE is operational world wide, be it on voyage or in dry dock.

The vast experience gained in the marine and offshore field has put van Zonderen OFFSHORE
in the position to propose solutions for the widest range of corrosion problems in tanks, voids, decks and cargo holds.
NACE qualified inspectors with vast coating material experience are at hand anywhere any time.


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